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Larger and smaller hands holding a heart


Aging is a natural process that we are programmed to undergo,
and blood plasma plays a crucial role in controlling it.  

Blood plasma is detoxifying for young individuals to donate frequently, and their donations are healthful for older individuals to receive.  Plasma is Mother Nature’s Golden Gift, a perfect circle of infinitely renewable regeneration.

Medical person holding plasma

Since 2000, the blood supply has remained exceptionally safe.  The frequent donation of young Fresh Frozen Plasma (yFFP®) from sex-identified 18-25-year-old-donors at the peak of their reproductive prowess provides a natural, renewable resource that promotes cellular regeneration and repair.


In current terms, yFFP presents a revolutionary “bio-hack” against programmed aging and age-initiated chronic diseases.  Starting in 1942, approximately 20% of all blood products have been contributed by young donors.  Until Tom started Spectrum Plasma, no blood bank had ever identified the sex and age-group of its donors, nor exclusively collected plasma from young donors.


The infrastructure and personnel required for the immediate implementation of Renewable Regeneration is already in place, worldwide.  The arm-to-arm administration of safety tested yFFP is currently the most efficient, cost-effective, and efficacious treatment for age-related conditions.

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