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In 2001, Tom experienced a devastating loss when his beloved mother succumbed to Parkinson’s disease.  Alongside the grief, Tom’s family carried the frustration of witnessing her gradual deterioration from her vibrant self to experiencing involuntary movements, depression, and the eventual frozen expression that preceded her passing.

Tom’s Groundbreaking Study

Two decades later, Tom stood as the driving force behind an Institutional Review Board-approved placebo-controlled Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis study.  His groundbreaking research accomplished something unprecedented in the last 207 years – the proving that James Parkinson’s “Shaking Palsy”, described back in 1817, can be significantly reversed.


Advanced proteomic studies revealed in 2019 that we are biologically programed to age and that our plasma controls that aging process.  Tom has now proven that putting plasma from sex-identified young donors into aged individuals rejuvenates their cells and tissues more effectively than any previous therapy.


While Tom’s current achievements have had a significant personal impact, his journey towards scientific innovation remains strong and unwavering.  Tom considers Renewable Regeneration, his program to advance the World’s current blood banking system simply and safely to immediately and significantly improve multigenerational health, his greatest endeavor.

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