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Max Headroom Hijacks WGN and WTTW channels

1985 – Tom, and all of Audre fell instantly in love with Max Headroom, a sarcastic AI developed personality who existed only on broadcast signals and computer systems to openly challenge the corporations that run the world, implying he knew and understood everything, while as his name indicated, Max’s head was actually empty of true knowledge and wisdom.


In 2024, that is termed an AI hallucination.  The internal storyline at that time within the company was that Max needed to marry Audre so she would keep him informed.   


On November 22, 1987, an unidentified person wearing a Max Headroom mask and costume carried out broadcast signal hijacking of two television stations in Chicago, Illinois that ended with the hijacker flipping the bird while exposing his buttocks and being spanked with a flyswatter. The video pirates have never been identified.


Max Headroom’s last broadcast was in 1988.


Audre Recognition Systems

Audre, an award-winning Artificial Intelligence software development company that immediately captured the attention of the Pentagon, ultimately succumbs twenty-three years later to the largest scandal in Congressional History.

YouTube video link with Tom Casey's image that links to video about Audre Recognition Systems' Breakthroughs in Technology 1994

Audre’s Achievements in 1993

In January, Upside Magazine recognized Audre Recognition Systems as the company with the greatest growth potential in the United States, surpassing even Microsoft, which held the seventh position.


On April 3rd, the Congress of the United States House of Representatives recognized Audre and Tom’s ten-year journey in spearheading an innovative technological enterprise that propelled the growth and vitality of the City of San Diego and the cherished community of Rancho Bernardo, in the pivotal role of safeguarding the national defense of the United States of America.  The Congressional Certificate also paid homage to Tom’s tireless efforts in advancing better efficiency for the State of California, further solidifying his status as a leader in his industry.


Also in April, a momentous occasion unfolded as Tom took the role of host in organizing an extraordinary gathering at his ranch.  It was a day that brought together two legendary figures – Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham, the former Vietnam Ace and famous Top Gun movie hero, and Dr. Boris Kogan, the Soviet scientist who designed the missile that shot down then-Lieutenant Cunningham in Vietnam.

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